Ball Shear

Ball Shear Testing

Ball shear testing is used to evaluate the reliability and strength of an individual solder ball. Mechanical shear force is applied against the edge of the solder ball. Precise force height and measurement are crucial for accurate data analysis. The ball shear test is a destructive test.

During the device manufacturing process, handling, shipment and end-use the solder ball may be subjected to environmental force so this test provides useful information as to how much force a solder ball can tolerate.

Other semiconductor mechanical tests can also be performed, such as, die shear, wire bond pull and SEM inspection.

ball shear

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Testing is performed to:
JEDEC JESD22-B117 for solder ball shear.
JESD22-B116 for gold ball shear.
ASTM F1269 for ball bond shear.


All ball shear strength tests are performed in-house using our XYZTEC Sigma Lite tester. It features a sensor accuracy of ±0.075% and a shear height accuracy of ±1µm. Handling test speeds from 5 mm/s to 50 mm/s. Images are processed with high-resolution cameras.

die shear wire bond pull
XYZTEC Sigma Lite tester

Xyztec bond testers, ‘ball shear test’ (2010) ( accessed 16 December 2021

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